Watch Star Season 1 Episode 11 Online

IMDB Rating: 8.6/10 from 67,508 votes

Release: 1987 / Star / Season 1 / Episode 11

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Synopsis: Watch Star Season 1 Episode 11 online free. In Star Season 1 Episode 11 Putlocker Full Episodes, The Enterprise is sent on a diplomatic mission where Captain Picard has to master a very difficult language and deliver a welcome address faultlessly or face the end of any hope of establishing relations. Stressed and tired from his efforts, he decides to take Counselor Troi's advice and spend some time on the holodeck. He chooses his favorite program, that where he plays a private detective named Dixon Hill in 1940's San Francisco. Accompanied by the ship's historian, Dr. Crusher and Data they live out the wonderful world created for them in the holodeck but when they are scanned by aliens, it causes a malfunction that traps them there. Not only that, but the safety mechanisms malfunction as well leading to one of the participating crewmen being seriously injured. With the clock ticking away, time is growing short for Picard to make his address to their hosts.